Intraceuticals, which is know as the oxygen "infusion," treatment, uses a very low molecular weight combination of treatment serums combined with 95% pure oxygen to deliver hydration and nutrition deep into the skin. The result? Plumped and hydrated skin with a truly visible change. This intensive treatment deeply hydrates, delivers potent anti-aging actives and creates the perfect canvas for make-up application, perfect for any special event!

You will notice a visible improvement of your skin's texture and increased radiance and vitality and volume. This treatment is suited for all skin types including very sensitive, mature, acnenic and even roseacea. The treatment feels wonderful with cooling combination of hydrating mist and oxygen which feeds the skin with everything good!

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Oxygen Boost

An on the go oxygen treatment for in between facials and when you need to look your best! 125.00

Delicate zone:Oxygen eye and lip treatment 55.00

Oxygen Infusion Facial 185.00(One power dose is infused)

Age-Defying Oxygen Infusion Facial 275.00

(two power doses are infused)